Wire Drawing Lubricant

Wire drawing powder is a dry lubricant used in the wire drawing process. It is made from a mixture of soap, talcum powder, and other additives. The soap helps to reduce friction between the wire and the dies, while the talcum powder helps to keep the wire from sticking to the dies. Wire drawing powder is applied to the wire as it is drawn through the dies, and it helps to improve the quality of the wire, reduce the wear and tear on the dies, and increase the efficiency of the wire drawing process.

Benefits of wire drawing Lubricant

  • Reduces friction and heat, which can help to prevent the wire from breaking or becoming damaged.
  • Improves the surface finish of the wire.
  • Helps to prevent the wire from sticking to the dies.
  • Increases the life of the dies.
  • Reduces the amount of force required to draw the wire, which can improve productivity.
  • Can help to improve the electrical conductivity of the wire.

Rajveer Chemicals

Rajveer Chemicals is a leader in manufacturing of wire drawing lubricants. Our products are free of boron/borax and ensure high standards & quality. Rajveer chemical offers a complete range of industrial wire drawing lubricants. Our products are able to offer productive ad sustainable solution for all requirements. Our lubricants are mainly calcium based. We have developed a variety or new wire drawing lubricants to replace the old products. Rajveer chemicals wire drawing lubricants can often increase die life, productivity & wire surface finish. Rajveer chemicals products are of very high quality and are manufactured by use of renewable and natural raw materials and the meet the changing needs of wire industry

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