Rajveer Chemicals is one of the fastest growing industry engaged in manufacturing of Galvanizing Chemicals, Wire Drawing Powder, Galvanizing Fluxes and Wire Drawing Dies. With the establishment in 2013 as a manufacturer of Wiping Powder (Zinc Wiping) and Fluxes for Galvanizing Industry, our manufacturing unit has a new and improved technology and an ability to provide Consistent Quality Material as per customer requirement from our esteemed clients. Our quality is equivalent to the European standards and prices and are lower than materials imported in India from other countries. We assure to provide our customers with best quality material at lowest price with a vision for a product that is made in India against material import in India with the same quality parameters.


We at Rajveer Chemicals has a vision and capabilities for quality and constant product development for galvanizing industries and wire drawing industry. Our products are manufactured to the advance and zero tolerance manufacturing process plant. To optimize the performance of today’s wire drawing industry requirement for high-speed wiring, we customize our product as per the client’s demand. We manufacture products with different rates of Calcium, Sodium, and the combination of both for Clean Surface. We have got the full range of dry lubricants for slow speed to high speed wire drawing process. We especially customize our products to provide better results and reduce black spots in Zinc Ash dress formation.

We use specific range of lubricants to draw, M.S Wire, High Carbon Wire, CO2 Wire, S.S Wire, Aluminum Wire, Copper Wire.